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My name is Bryant Harper. I am currently 67 years old and married to my lovely wife Paula. We founded Code Amber back in 2002 to bring awareness to the Amber Alert system. At the time there were Amber Alerts in only 13 states and hardly anyone knew anything about Amber Alerts or what they were for and how it works.

That was then and this is now.

The Amber Alert system has matured to the point where not only do all 50 States have them but Puerto Rico, Guam and several other countries now have robust Amber Alert Systems.

Our work with Amber Alert is done.

And that’s a good thing.

I am now focused on building my other Internet businesses using Video Marketing and site SEO .

I also do some consulting but I am very selective due to my time constraints.

You can contact me Here.

Here is a little more about me.

Last November (2018) I was diagnosed with oral cancer that required some radical surgery to remove and reconstruct my lower jaw bone. It was an amazing process that used a 3D printed titanium frame for the bone support.

After 6 weeks of radiation therapy, not chemo thankfully, and several months just learning how to swallow and eat I am now back working fairly well. I don’t have the energy to work like I used to so I have been spending time looking for automated solutions to things I have done manually in the past.

Here is one of my first automated solutions, expired domains. I used to occasionally look for expired domains that had some value for different things that I was doing or testing. Now I have these cute little bots that just run around looking for expired domains and checking a couple of statistics to give me a snap-shot of the potential value of the domain name.

And the bots find tons of them and there are some real winners too.

There are way more than I can use so I decided to give them away for free to anyone who wants the list every day (unless I’m fishing).

On a regular day there are between 1 and 2 hundred expired domain names. But there are some days that are huge, over 1,000 even 2,000 one day.

So if you want to have some free domain fun, sign up here. It’s free.

Here’s what I’ve been up to on the Internet since 1995

Internet wanderer and operator of various web sites Internet based businesses.

May 1995 – July 2002

Telechoice – A web site dedicated to providing discount domestic and international long distance telephone service including pre-paid and call back services. Remember when we paid for each phone call? By the minute?

June 1997 – Mid 2003

BifHits – An innovative advertising network serving the first of the dreaded “POP-Ups”. Yes, it’s true and you all have my apologies. I was one of the first but I was nice about it, I only popped them up behind your open browser window 🙂 Pop-up blockers killed it.

August 2002 – June 2013

Code Amber – Code Amber was started in response to an Amber Alert in California broadcast live on FOX news. I happened to be watching in my office while working on BigHits and I was facinated and horrified at the same time.

At the time only 13 states had Amber Alert systems and the value of rapid deployment of the alerts was obvious to me.

Through BigHits I had access to over 30,000 web masters and I thought that many of them would help spread Amber Alerts. They did and at it’s height we were serving over 1.3 million Code Amber Amber Alert tickers a day and all 50 states were onboard.

By June of 2013 I was emotionally burned out with the horror and heartache of dealing with so many tragic situations and I had to stop.

The good news is that Amber Alerts are a tremendous success here and in many other countries.

June 2013 – Present

Internet Consulting – I am currently consulting in a variety of areas with a new focus on lead generation. If you have an interest in my current services there is more information and links in my summary.


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